Spiritual Formation:

At various times during the year we offer a special class, "What Is A Lutheran?" for those who are new to our denomination and way of being Christ’s body in the world. We believe the home, the family, to be of vital importance in spiritual formation. We recognize that families come in many different forms, and thus that faith challenges and instruction may flow both from older to younger, and from younger to older generations.

Pastoral Care:

The ministry of spiritual care (sometimes called pastoral care) and direction is also a part of our spiritual formation. Our supply pastor is available to provide that care, either in individual or group settings. 

Spiritual Discipline, The Prayer Labyrinth:

Our Prayer/Meditation Labyrinth, located between the church’s building and Pelham Road, was given in memory of a dear friend, the late Father Gary Knapp. Visitors and members are invited to explore this particular spiritual discipline. Occasional outdoor worship (weather permitting) may also include use of the Labyrinth.

Spiritual Formation

Christ the King Lutheran Church of Greenville