​​​Council Members

Charlie Watson - Faith Formation

Polly Holden - Member-at-Large


President: Andrea Holtzer

Vice President: Janet Hammond


Congregation Treasurer: Ned Wilder

        Our church was most recently led by the Reverend Dr. Linda Anderson. Pastor Anderson was called to serve both as Pastor to Christ the King Lutheran Church, and as a Co-Developer to Inside Out, a ministry reaching out to people who are "intentionally unchurched." 

     As our congregation discerns God's will for this ministry, we will be served by a supply Pastor for the foreseeable future. We are called to live faithfully, trusting in the promise of life together in Christ Jesus.  We take comfort in knowing that God’s church will continue, for wherever we proclaim the Good News, Christ’s church is present. 

    If you are looking for a welcoming and affirming congregation, we encourage you to visit any Sunday. 

     Thank you for visiting our website. Wishing you God's peace,


     Andrea Holtzer, Council President


The Rev. Dr. Linda L. Anderson, Pastor

Our Name: Christ the King
The beautiful faceted glass window in our worship area symbolizes Christ as our King.
Blue at the top and green at the bottom remind us Christ is King over heaven and earth.
Four crowns remind us Christ's earthly kingdom stretches north to south and east to west.
Three points on each crown remind us of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Jewels in the crowns remind us of the preciousness of Christ's sacrifice for us

Pastor Anderson's Godspeed Celebration

​April 15, 2018

Christ the King Lutheran Church of Greenville