Many Faces - One Faith

We are a diverse group of believers united by our shared faith in a loving God. 


What We're Against

Black and white answers to mystery and hard questions

Intolerance and exclusion and oppression

Evil that generates hatred and violence

What We Value

‚ÄčLoving GOD and neighbor,
extending GOD's Invitation to all people
making a difference by being Christ-like examples in the world.

Welcoming and affirming those with questions about life and faith. Serving the vulnerable and marginalized. Sharing the good news of GOD's story of what GOD has done, is doing, and will do for us. 

What This Means to Us

God gathers us as a faith community of saints and sinners.  In Holy Baptism, God claims us and pours out his Spirit for living a new kind of life. We are all sinners because of our resistance to God.  We are all saints because God has redeemed us.  God created us for a relationship with Him and with others.  Through rebellion and disobedience, we separate ourselves from God.  In baptism, Christ calls us back into the intended relationship with God as His disciples, to continue rescuing and redeeming the world through us. In Holy Communion, Christ hosts a meal of empowerment for sending us into the world to do this work in our daily lives

Christ the King Lutheran Church of Greenville

Our Church

We are a faith community gathered and sent by GOD with Jesus Christ as our center. We are 
being and becoming the body of Christ in and for the world where all are...